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The 2024 Annual Scottish Bloodbowl Survey is here!

Even the orcs completed the survey this year with their favourite quill using fresh goblin blood!

Happy New Year to everyone in the Scottish Bloodbowl community and we hope you’re looking forward to a riotous 2024 even if you’re a rookie! (Ed: crikey it only took him the first line)

Last year we undertook a survey of Scottish Bloodbowlers to understand what makes you tick, how you’d like to see the community develop and give you the chance to get things off your chest. 

The survey had some useful insights that informed the work of the Scottish Bloodbowl Committee (SBBC) last year and so with the rolling of the calendar to 2024 we thought it might be useful to look at gathering your thoughts in a quantifiable way once again.

If you’re a Scottish Bloodbowl coach, regardless of where you live or you play in a Scottish Bloodbowl league we’d love to hear your thoughts on our community, what motivates you and the things you think the SBBC could be helping to improve over the coming year.

The deadline for completing the survey is Sunday 14 January.

WIN one-of-a-kind Scottish Bloodbowl Block Dice!

A small incentive to help you complete the survey - you’ll be entered into a draw to win one-of-a-kind Scottish Bloodbowl Block Dice, a blue and a white set, produced by Black Orc Down.

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