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Scottish Tournament Series

Here in the Scottish Blood Bowl Community we run the Scottish Tournament Series every year. The Scottish Tournament Series is a linked series made up of six championships, The Scottish Championship (Individual Championship), The Constructors Championship (League Championship) and The Scottish Rookie of the Year, also included for the first time as of 2024 is the Stunty Championship, Scottish Painter of the Year award and Scottish Sportsman of the Year award. These championships mark coach achievements throughout a yearly series allowing coaches to earn points towards an individual and league leaderboard. The coach and league at the end of the year with the most points are then crowned champions and celebrated as the best that Scotland has to offer for that year. 

For more information on how these championships work and scoring information, please press the button below to open our Scottish Tournament Series rules document.

Approved Scottish Series Events

The events listed below are approved by the Scottish Blood Bowl Committee as Scottish Championship Events and are eligible to earn points towards the Scottish Championship. This list will be updated with other events as they are approved. 

Mulligan's Open: 2nd & 3rd March 2024

Bobby Burns Blood Bowl Bash: 18th May 2024

Glasbowl: 20th July 2024

Dumfries Border Brawl: 27th July 2024

Megatron Megabowl: 11th August 2024

Dominion Bowl: 15th & 16th September 2024

Granite Bowl: 26th October 2024

Kelpie Cup: 16th & 17th November 2024

Jingle Bell Bowl: 30th November 2024

In addition the events listed below are approved by the Scottish Blood Bowl Committee to earn points towards the Constructors Championship, Rookie Championship, Stunty Championship and Scottish Painter of the Year.

Scottish Team Championship: 13th April 2024 

2024 Championships


Scottish Championship Leaderboard

Scottish Championship Points.jpg


Scottish Constructors Leaderboard


Rookie Championship Leaderboard

Rookie Championship Points.jpg


Stunty Championship Leaderboard

Stunty Championship Points.jpg

2023 Championships


Scottish Championship Leaderboard

2023 Scottish Championship.jpg


Scottish Constructors Leaderboard

2023 Constructors Championship.jpg


Scottish Rookie Leaderboard

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