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The Scottish Blood Bowl Committee

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is your Scottish Blood Bowl Committee. Together we help to support the development of the Blood Bowl hobby in Scotland through supporting tournament organisers and league commissioners to run effective, fun, engaging and inclusive events within Scotland. We also aim to facilitate and encourage growth within the Blood Bowl hobby in Scotland.



Chris "ChrisRaff88" Rafferty

Responsible for facilitating and organising the committee, driving change and engagement within the Scottish Community.


Tournament Lead

Ryan "Mournival" Odlin

Responsible for supporting Tournament Organisers in running tournaments with the Scottish Calendar and overseeing the Scottish Championship series.


League Lead

Ben "AMSFELD" Smith

Responsible for supporting Scottish Blood Bowl Leagues, their growth and their commissioners.


Online Lead

Phil "Phil78" Truscott

Responsible for supporting Tournament Organisers and League Commissioners of online events through BB2/3, FUMBBL etc.


Community Lead

Jock "BB_Jock" Wright

Responsible for
Increasing engagement within the Scottish Community in non tournament related activity as well as raising the profile of the Scottish Community.

Scottish Blood Bowl Committee Files

Click on the document icons below to view the committee meetings and files.

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