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Scottish Blood Bowl Leagues

There are currently 10 active tabletop blood bowl leagues in Scotland, from as far South as Dumfries right up to Elgin in the North and many in between. You can find out more information about these leagues below, as well as who to contact and links to their social pages. 

If you are aware of any new leagues that are not shown below, or you are the commissioner of a new Scottish blood bowl league, feel free to reach out to us via our contact section and we can advertise your league here.

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Aberdeen Blood Bowl Community

Venue: The Fire Pit, Aberdeen

Meets: Every Wednesday 6pm onwards

Contact: Phil Cairns/fromherashes

  • Facebook


Bus Shop Toy Shop Blood Bowl League

Venue: Bus stop Toy Shop, Largs

Meets: Every Monday and Thursday Evenings

Contact: Chris Hastings/HighlandEnoch

  • Facebook
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Dominion Blood Bowl League

Venue: Dominion, Ayr

Meets: Every Wednesday Evening

Contact: Ian Ciplinski/IanSAW

  • Discord
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Dumfries Gamers Blood Bowl League

Venue: Locharbriggs Community Hall, Dumfries

Meets: Every Friday 6pm - 10pm

Contact: Alistair Johnstone/Badgie

  • Discord


Edinburgh League of Gamers

Venue: Old Eastway Tap, Leith

Meets: Every Monday 6pm onwards

Contact: Phil Truscott/Phil78

  • Discord


Forth Valley Blood Bowl League

Venue: Elgin Park Centre, Falkirk

Meets: Every Thursday 6pm - 10pm

Contact: Paul Morris/Paul_Van_Rickler

  • Facebook


Glasgow Bloodweiser League

Venue: Drurys Inn, Glasgow

Meets: Games arranged between opponents

Contact: Richard Price/ChildofMalcav

  • Facebook


Murder King Blood Bowl League

Venue: West Calder Bowling Club, West Lothian

Meets: Every first Sunday of the month, 10.30am - 6pm

Contact: Chris Rafferty/ChrisRaff88

  • Blogger
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Discord
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Moray Mayhem Blood Bowl League

Venue: Mage, Elgin

Meets: Games arranged between opponents

Contact: Andrew McKay/Stoddieboy

  • Facebook


Bloodfast Blood Bowl League

Venue: Multiple Venues, West Lothian

Meets: Games arranged between opponents

Contact: Richie Keeble/RichardKeeble

  • Facebook
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