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Scottish Tournament End Of Year Breakdown

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Before I get onto the announcement of the top 3 prize winners of our Scottish championships, I hope you will all join me in thanking all of our TO’s who have done a wonderful job putting on all of the tournaments for us. I know it can be a thankless and stressful task at times, however it is very much appreciated and our community would not be the same without your tireless effort. Thanks to all of the following in calendar order:


Mulligans Open: Christopher Rafferty

Dominionbowl: Ian Ciplinski

Bobby Burns Blood Bowl Bash: Chris Hastings

Dundee Doubles: Phil Truscott

Glasbowl: Lewis Mullan

Megabowl: Alistair Unicomb & Ant Purdie

Kelpie Cup: Paul Morris & Gus McCabe

Reekie Bowl: David McIlhinney

Granite Bowl: Phil Cairns

Jingle Bell Bowl: Christopher Rafferty


So on to the winners! I will give you the Top 5 for each championship, you can find the full breakdown on our discord by following this link:


Scottish Championship


Congratulations to Kris Millar (Sporran) for winning this year’s top Scot! It was extremely tight this year with Kris edging the championship over Nick on tie breakers (most tournament wins).


1st: Sporran - 15 points

2nd: Frank_Furter01 - 15 points

3rd: MarkyMarc – 14 points

4th: Shriyke - 14 points

5th: Mournival – 9 points


Constructors Championship


Walking out as the winners of the top league in Scotland for 2023 is the Aberdeen Blood Bowl Community! Congrats to all of the coaches in the ABBC, who take the trophy home after a brief years holiday in the MKBBL. See the full points breakdown below:


ABBC: 53 points

MKBBL: 34 points

ELG: 6 points

BSTS: 6 points

AyrBBL: 3 points

MAGEBBL: 2 points


Scottish Rookie of the Year


So in the end we had 44 rookie coaches take part in this new championship for 2023! Firstly I hope you all enjoyed the tournament scene and community and that you will all join us again! It’s always great to see new faces at our events.


Congratulations to our top rookie for 2023 Doug Wright (dooglew). We look forward to seeing you continue to put your stamp on future tournaments! The competition was fierce this year with 3 coaches all finishing on 10 points, however Doug won on tie breakers (most tournaments won). See the top 5 below:


1st: DoogleW – 10 points

2nd: Conalmaker & CapnRedbeard – 10 points

4th: DavidSAW – 9 points

5th: Fleetmacwood & Bolter – 8 points


Lastly, a big thanks to all of you within the community for coming out and joining us for these events this year. An average attendance rate of 36.4 (up from 30 in 2022!) and a yearly high of 66 at Mulligan’s Open is a great achievement for our community! Let’s continue to press on next year and continue to increase that average attendance. The community has shown there is an appetite for attendance at tournaments so it is on our TO’s to allow for that growth in attendance and try to find space for 40+ at their events.


Thanks again to all of you and congrats to all our winners! Here’s to an even bigger and better 2024 ❤

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