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Jingle Bell Bowl in Numbers

Only 3 days left until we kick off at the Jingle Bell Bowl and close this year’s Scottish Championship Series. I hope you are all as excited as I am.

So now that all of the rosters are in let’s hit you with some information. This year’s most popular race is Orcs with 5 coaches total out of the 43 rosters selecting them! Other than Orcs 21 of the 28 races have been selected by those attending with most races being selected 2-3 times. Some glaring omissions though with Dark Elves, Wood Elves and Elven Union all not being selected! What is with the pointy ear hate? Other races missing are Amazons, Nurgle, Ogre and Imperial Nobility!

Tiers 3 and 2 were the most popular tiers selected among participants this year with 11 and 10 coaches choosing these respectively. All tiers were selected with the least popular tier, tier 5 only being selected 3 times. Tier 5 as always being the poor cousins to all the rest, maybe they could do with a bit extra to help them with selection in future years.

Throughout the 43 rosters Star Players have been selected a total of 13 times! Most star players only being selected once with the most popular choices being Deeproot, Fungus and the Jingle Bell custom star Santa Clawz with each of these 3 being selected twice. It was good to see both of the custom Star Players being selected and I am eager to see how they will perform on the day.

For a better breakdown of the races, tiers and star players selected check out the infographic attached. As for the rosters themselves… these will be made public on Wednesday night at 6.00pm! So not long to wait until you can laugh at each other’s choices!

See you all bright and early on Saturday morning… Registration will begin at 10.00am with round 1 starting promptly at 10.30am!

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