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Generous Coaches Help Launch

Keen to develop a hub and sense of community for coaches the Scottish Bloodbowl Committee (SBBC) had the ambition to create the Scottish Bloodbowl website. The question wasn’t one of how to build a site, for the technical know-how of Chris Rafferty, our chairman, had already seen him create and manage the Murder King Bloodbowl League, but it was a question of funding. 

The committee agreed the idea of creating an official set of Scottish Bloodbowl Block dice where the proceeds from selling the dice would go towards meeting the ongoing costs of hosting and managing the website. Based on experience the committee knew they would need to raise around £200 to fund the cost of hosting for three years and maintaining the shiny new web url -

Again the creativity of Chris saw him come up with the artwork for the block dice, which were then brought to life by quality dice maker Black Orc Down in a test sample. The initial offering to buy a set of home (blue) and away (white) kits for £12 a set was well received and coaches within the Scottish Bloodbowl community and further afield responded swiftly and ordered them in their droves.

At time of publication we as a community have raised in the region of £400 and counting. An incredible sum and more than enough to keep the website up and running for the intended three years - so thank you to all who’ve ordered!

Of course if you’re reading this and thinking I’d like to get hold of these swanky dice there is still time. Deadline for ordering these one-time print run block dice is Sunday 10 December. Place an online order now and don’t miss out.

So without further ado the ribbon is cut and is officially open to share the news, celebrate coaches’ success and build a community of Bloodbowlers who have an affinity to Scotland.

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